What is the Media Whirl?

Definition of “WHIRL”

  1. a : a busy or fast-paced succession of events : bustle <a whirl of activity> <the social whirl>
  2. a : a confused or disturbed mental state : turmoil <a whirl of febrile excitement>
  3. a : an experimental or brief attempt : try <gave it a whirl>
  1. a : to turn on or around an axis like a wheel : rotate.
  2. a : to turn abruptly around or aside <whirled around in surprise>

When I say “MEDIA” I mean:

  • Forms of communication that reach a vast, mass audience
  • Your basics: newspapers, magazines, TV news channels,  video, infographics, photojournalism, etc.
  • Movies and film (Oscar nominations, blockbuster hits, pop culture kitsch, low-budget indies)
  • Television (cable shows, cartoons, dramas, comedies, award-winners, “reality” TV)
  • Books (New York Times “Best Sellers,” children’s literature, young adult literature, adult genres, nonfiction)
  • How these various media interact with each other (reviews, criticism, books made into movies, movies inspired by musicals inspired by movies/books/plays/true stories)

What does “whirl” have to do with the media?

  • The Western lifestyle and mainstream media are fast-paced. How are we supposed to keep up?
  • Mainstream media can overlook minority voices or get things wrong, causing turmoil.
  • This blog is an attempt to look at the media critically. To rotate it, inspect it, and turn things abruptly around.
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